Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey I'm getting married

If people read the title I am pretty sure that you guys terkejut beruk hahaa.
But then it was just a dream, my mom said she will cut me into pieces if I kawin awal haha. ok mom I won't do that. I will wait for your permission. 
I think at the age of 23 it is normal right when girls talking about marriage. Aku pon layan jugak kalau cakap bab-bab kawin ni because the hormone level will increase when talking bout this hahaha.

2 3 hari ni aku dok tengok cerita pasal orang kawin je, member-member pon dah bersepah yang kawin but me, jangan harap la nak kawin awal *suddenly my mom comes*

I wanna have a perfect love but not love before marriage ok, it must be after marriage. That will be so sweet. why?? Because you don't even know about him *it's not like you do not everything about him* I mean his favorite, what food he likes and everything. The same goes to us, girls. Men will try to learn about us also. Sweet right? Islam ajar kita macam tu, Islam itu Indah.

I hope my future husband is a very romantic person, understanding, he will be very helpful, tak kongkong me in doing what I like and the most important thing is dia pandai masak coz I am not that terer in masak haha. I pity you my future husband. eh of course I also will do the same to him. Am I sweet?

Omaigad I can't believe that I write about this. Mom help me!

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