Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I wanna do

Hey cute girls like me and handsome boys..

I just can't wait for my holidays. This holidays are about 3 weeks before my internship.
I already planned so may things to do during this holidays. but before that i have to face the most difficult
task for students which is final exam,then I am done with my third year hoyeahhhhhh...!!

I was drinking my justea (white grape) just now, before i start study for the next test which is tomorrow,
lemme write something about my plans for this coming holidays.

You know what i wanna do?
First I want to play bowling with my parents and adik-adik even I know they
are not expert in this game like me :P
Then I wanna treat them makan-makan besar at Sham Restaurant or anywhere they like
Then I wanna go to Mcd Kbmall to see my friends there and bring the "baulu".  I love when they call me "boboiboy". and see M also ^.^
Then I wanna ask kak aja to eat dim sum with me. I don't know why I eat lots recently.
Then I wanna ask M to follow me anywhere just to find kedai makanss and eat banyak-banyak.
Then I wanna bring my adik-adik to KFC because they love KFC lots(botak la duit aku psni)
Then I wanna stay at Awin's place. She study in Canada but she will come back for holidays too.
Since I bought a recipe book, I wanna try to make all the dishes in that book into reality (haha daydreaming)
Then I wanna lepak-lepak with my friends form Mcd at Wahida Restaurant,lepak-lepak,makan-makan.
Last but not least go jalan-jalan with M. hey you lets go to Melaka,Penang, and bla3 ye..hahaha. be my loyal driver.just follow me.

Then bla bla bla bla....................

So hopefully I can do all those things in 3weeks only
Got to go,erkk study for tomorrow's test and finish up my project.

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