Monday, May 14, 2012


hai cute girls like me and handsome boys,
Alhamdulillah finally I got a placement for my internship which is in BP Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd. It is situated in Gebeng Kuantan. before this I was uneasy thinking about this matter. Actually I really2 want to go to Petronas Kerteh. But i redho,maybe my destiny is not there. I received many offers
but they gave me a department which is not related to my studies. First offer is in KLCC from Petronas Liquified Natural Gas (PLNG),they gave me shipping department but I refused to accept it because no electrical stuff in that. My seniors said that you will learn bot too much there.
Second is from Siemens Malaysia and I got customer or something like dealing with customer and I also reject the offer. Third is from ABB Malaysia. It is a power system company which is situated in Subang Jaya.
I also reject the offer because I been there before.

I also received and offer from United Premier Consultant. It is a consultant company related to electrical and
mechanical stuff situated in Damansara. The reason I reject this company because I don't wanna live
in KL haha. The last week after my examination, I received two offers.
First I received the call from Miri, I was kinda very surprised kih3 gedix! at the same time I also received an
offer from BP Chemicals. I made my decision to go to BP Chemicals.
I hope I will do very well in BP. I am not soo good in electrical and electronic stuff but I will learn
as much as I can. Hope Allah will help me. Pray for me too friends.
My friends said this is a WOWWW COMPANY. I'm not sure bout that but Alhamdulliah I got it.

*gua baru je beli brokben maxis,melayang jugak RM100*

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