Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mencari sesuatu yang hilang

I'm here in my office doing nothing now. but actually my supervisor
left me lots of works to be done since he is away for 2 weeks.
It is quite boring just doing documentation job only. So I manage my
time,in the morning I follow the technician do some jobs in plant
and after lunch hour till evening I stay in my office continue updating
the project.

Time-time buat kerja,kadang-kadang datang satu perasaan yang
pelik. Rasa macam I lost something. Ke sebab aku lupa Allah?
Sometimes rasa jiwa aku sangat kosong, macam tak da
pengisian. sebab aku asyik sangat dengan dunia ke?
Sure I perform solah and read Quran everyday but seems like
it is not enough for my soul. O Allah guide me. semoga aku sentiasa
mengingati Mu wherever I go and whatever I do.

bersambung la...lunch hour now,Im going to fill my stomach hehe.