Wednesday, March 28, 2012


hey guys wassup...
you know now lot of my friends already got their placement for internship.but me??
I'm still hunting for a place.I sent many applications to different companies and hoping
that they will accept me.
I don't want to do my internship in Kelantan because I wanna stay far away
from my familiy and my beloved one.It is not that I don't love them but I want to learn
how to be independent,I want to manage my own life.

Back to my post, last week few companies did reply but seems that the place for internship is already full.
I was very frustrated,heartbroken. got rejected by companies is more frustrated you know if compare to
"putus cinta" how you know?You still don't feel it haha ridiculous!

Ya Allah,please give me the best place for this coming internship.

(pergh tulis in english!)

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